small dog front carriers and comfort harnesses

Hippy Hound Designs

We have discovered someone making very creative, high quality small dog front carriers and comfort harnesses that have captured our imagination. They are made from repurposed designer fabric swatches that would otherwise be wasted. We think you will enjoy the eclectic, stylish options, not to mention having something more unique to showcase your pet.

Thank you for shopping through my Hippy Hound Designs.

All of my items are made from designer fabrics swatches. They are new and unused designer swatches and samples that most likely would have been tossed into dumpsters as trash. I have done my best to creatively use even the smallest pieces of fabric, and samples of trim and fringes. So I hope you enjoy them as I have enjoyed the creative process in salvaging these precious fabrics.

Sherri Gilmour, Proprietor

Click through to Sherri’s Hippy Hound Designs pages on Etsy.

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