Cool Stuff for Pets

Our shop has the coolest stuff available for pets. Our No Pull Harness has improved life for many pets and their owners. It is easy to place on and easy to use. Walking a dog in our no–pull dog harness makes walking your dog more enjoyable, which is not only good for you, but also, good for your dog. We also have stylish comfort harnesses in fancy and mesh styles.

Our dog leashes of all styles, sizes and colors, are very popular. Coupler leashes enable walking two dogs on one leash or leash handle. Our junior leashes are great small dog leashes, for pets under twenty pounds. For larger dogs, when complete control may be required, use our security sport leash which has a detachable bungee section. Our dog leashes have water ski leash handles.

We carry dog apparel, from boots to eyewear, as well as dog life jackets. For fun and games, check out our variety of dog toys to enthrall your pet. Also in the Toys section, check out our high quality antler chew toys for your favorite dogs. We have served customers in the pet care and pet services business for about twenty years as Happy Tails Friendly Pet Care.

…I’ve recently purchased your no-pull harness. I do not have the words to tell you how pleased I am! The instant I put it on my dog, she became the best behaved dog on the planet. No more tugging my arm out of the socket when we walked. I’ve actually started taking her on LONGER walks now because it’s such a delight to walk her. I only wish I’d discovered your wonderful product earlier! Thank you for a wonderful product. It’s truly saved me and my dog.

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…We bought the security sport leash with the no-pull training harness for our Border Collie named Travis at the Carlsbad Street Fair. We LOVE our rig! We got Travis from the pound a year ago. He would not walk on a leash, he’d just flop down on the ground, planting all fours. The gentleman we bought the rig from felt that this was the best set up for our dog, and it really has been! Travis now walks all over on the leash and we can take him EVERYWHERE with us! The handle is the BEST! It is very unique looking and we get lots of compliments. We are so grateful to have found your products and often recommend them to everyone who asks us about them.

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