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Jolly Pets® Teaser Ball™ Dog Toy


The Jolly Pets Teaser Ball is a tough ball inside a ball dog toy — two balls in one. It's durable, easy to clean, and made in the USA. Dogs are intrigued trying to extract the inside ball trapped within the outer ball. As your dog plays with it, the Teaser Ball rolls, curves, and wobbles due to its unusual ball–within–a–ball configuration. Your dog will be engaged herding it and trying to pull the inner ball out.

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Product Description

The Jolly Pet Teaser Ball is a durable plastic ball with a ball inside. The contrasting colored captive ball inside is visible because of cutouts in the outer ball. The ball inside rolls inside the larger outer ball, causing the outer ball to roll unpredictably. This toy floats, too.

What Teaser Ball™ Size for Your Dog?

Sizes are guidelines; buy the toy you think your pet will most enjoy — or buy a few!

For dogs > 80 pounds.
For dogs 51 to 80 pounds.
For dogs 30 to 50 pounds.
For dogs < 30 pounds.
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Additional Information


Blue, Purple, Red


4½″ (Small Dogs), 6″ (Medium Dogs), 8″ (Large Dogs), 10″ (Very Large Dogs)


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