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Super Coupler Bungee Leash


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Bungee leash coupler color options

For Medium Sized Dogs

For walking two 20 to 50 pound dogs, select the multi-lead, medium weight standard bungee leash with ¾ inch plated steel hardware. Choose between:

  • 52″ super coupler bungee, or
  • 43″ super coupler bungee short

in your choice of colors.

For Small Dogs

For dogs under twenty pounds, the Junior bungee leash coupler models are equipped with lighter weight bungee and smaller ⅝ inch plated steel hardware. Choose between:

  • 52″ super coupler junior bungee, or
  • 43″ super coupler junior bungee short

in your choice of colors.

Common Bungee Leash Coupler Features

All models of this multi–dog coupler leash are made in USA. They feature the water–ski type handle with D-ring swivel which minimizes tangled leads. On the short versions, the leads are attached to the swivel with snap hooks. On the standard versions, leads are spliced (permanently attached) to the swivel.


Product Description

Bungee leashes stretch when pulled. Under no strain, the super coupler bungee leash measures 52 inches long and the shorter super coupler bungee short leash measures 43 inches long. Both of these multiple–lead bungee leashes use medium weight bungee cord in your choice of seven colors. They are suitable for dogs from twenty to fifty pounds body weight. For larger breeds, see the stronger super coupler leashes. For breeds under twenty pounds, see the super coupler junior bungee leashes (on this page).

These leashes employ sturdy, marine grade hardware which connects to your dog’s collar or harness. The bungee maintains comfort for you and your pet.

Difference Between Bungee and Bungee Short

The water–ski type handle is permanently attached on super coupler bungee and super coupler junior bungee; the independent bungee leads for each dog are permanently spliced to the swivel. On super coupler bungee short and super coupler junior bungee short, the independent bungee leads are fastened to the swivel with snap hooks. This makes it easier to walk only one dog because you can unattach the other bungee lead when not needed.

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Additional Information

Super Coupler Bungee Style

Standard (52 inch), Short (43 inch), Junior (52 inch), Junior Short (43 inch)


Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


Super Coupler Bungee, 4.3 feet (52 inches); Super Coupler Bungee Short, 3.6 feet (43 inches); Super Coupler Jr. Bungee, 4.3 feet (52 inches); Super Coupler Jr. Bungee Short 3.6 feet (43 inches)

Bungee Strength

Super Coupler Bungee & Super Coupler Bungee Short: Medium weight bungee for dogs twenty to fifty pounds total body weight., Super Coupler Jr & Super Coupler Junior Bungee Short: Light weight bungee for dogs under twenty pounds


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