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leash colors
Leash colors

The sport leash comes with steel 1-inch hardware and a one-piece lead with internal bungee section for gentle but firm control. Made in USA. Choose from:

  • 38″ sport leash with 8 to 10 inches of stretch, or
  • 72″ super sport leash with 24 inches of stretch (stretches to about 8′)

in your choice of colors. Both models of the sport leash are intended for dogs over 20 pounds body weight.


Product Description

Both standard and super variations of the sport leash are intended for dogs over twenty pounds body weight.

Both variations employ 1" steel snap hooks and internal bungee cord stretch section. The handle is permanently affixed to the leash. The standard sport leashes measure about three feet (38″) overall length; the super sport leashes measure about six feet (72″).

What makes the sport leashes unique is the internal, high quality shock cord that stretches. This stretch-ability makes the leash more user-friendly and much less likely to cause injury to the dog or handler than a conventional fixed length leash.

Difference Between Standard Sport Leash and Super Sport Leash

The primary difference between standard sport leash and the super sport leash is length. Super sport leash is longer than standard sport leash. The standard sport leash stretches eight to ten inches under load, to about four feet overall length, while the super sport leash stretches up to 24 inches, to eight feet overall length.

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Additional Information

Sport Leash Length

Standard Sport Leash (10 inch stretch), Super Sport Leash (2 foot stretch)


Black, Black-silver, Blue, Brazil, Camouflage, Green, Harley, Hunter Orange, Jamaican, Multi-colored, Pink, Pink-purple, Purple, Red


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