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Yes! there is a safer way to cart your dogs around in the back of your pick up truck! With Pick Up Pal, it’s easy, quick, and safe for your dogs to ride outside. It has internal bungee and an easy coupler swivel, for up to two dogs, to keep leashes from tangling. It hooks into cargo hooks in your truck bed. Your dogs can enjoy the outdoor ride; you won’t worry they might jump out or get tossed out. Choose from:

  • Pick Up Pal only without a leash extension,
  • Pick Up Pal with leash extension for one dog, or
  • Pick Up Pal with two leash extensions for two dogs

in your choice of black, blue, camouflage, or red colors. Made in USA.

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Product Description

How to Use Instructions

Download a pdf explaining how to use the Pick Up Pal. Some states have laws against carrying unrestrained pets in truck bed; Pick Up Pal will help you comply. Always secure Pick Up Pal to the forward-most cargo hooks on either side of your truck bed. Do not hook to the rear cargo hooks because animal will injure itself if it jumps over the tailgate. Similarly, do not hook to cargo hooks on only one side of vehicle.


When you order Pick Up Pal with one or two leash extensions, we will throw in a super coupler leash handle. That's the leash handle with the same swiveling D-ring attachment point as Pick Up Pal. You will be all set to take your dogs on a walk once you arrive at your destination!

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Pick Up Pal only, Pick Up Pal + One leash attachment, Pick Up Pal + Two leashes attachment


Black, Blue, Camouflage, Red


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