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“No–Pull” Dog Harness

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This no pull dog harness comes with steel 1-inch plated ring hardware with soft, washable rope in a variety of fun colors. It is popular for training purposes as well as for street lead. It is well suited for use with large breeds, security animals and strong medium-size breeds. The no–pull harness is also fine to use with small sized dogs down to ten pounds. Lower on this page you will find more information including instructions on how to put onto your dog. Made in USA.

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Product Description

The no-pull dog harness is a wonderful alternative to leash and collar. Dogs which pull on the leash and collar don’t pull in the harness, but instead walk gently alongside.

These harnesses employ 1″ plated steel rings and washable, comfortable line in assorted colors. They work well with our security sport leash which features plated steel snap hooks and a tighter stretch section for precise control with a level of comfort for both animal and owner/trainer.

What makes the harness unique is the location of your new attachment to your animal. Instead of fastening around your pet's neck, the harness fastens around your animal's torso avoiding point loading of neck. The harness is both dog- and user-friendly, easy to wear for the dog, and easy to handle for you. Animals with a collar and leash can act like oxen trying to pull a plow, but dogs with the no–pull harness behave like little canine ladies and gentlemen walking gently at your side. Download instructions on how to position no–pull harness. The ASPCA has a helpful page about training your dog how to walk on the leash; they mention that the no–pull harness can help.

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10-15, 16-25, 26-35, 36-60, 61-75, 76-140, 140+


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2 reviews for “No–Pull” Dog Harness

  1. Denise K.
    5 out of 5


    …I’ve recently purchased your no-pull harness. I do not have the words to tell you how pleased I am! The instant I put it on my dog, she became the best behaved dog on the planet. No more tugging my arm out of the socket when we walked. I’ve actually started taking her on LONGER walks now because it’s such a delight to walk her. I only wish I’d discovered your wonderful product earlier! Thank you for a wonderful product. It’s truly saved me and my dog.

  2. Janice B.
    5 out of 5


    …We bought the security sport leash with the no-pull training harness for our Border Collie named Travis at the Carlsbad Street Fair. We LOVE our rig! We got Travis from the pound a year ago. He would not walk on a leash, he’d just flop down on the ground, planting all fours. The gentleman we bought the rig from felt that this was the best set up for our dog, and it really has been! Travis now walks all over on the leash and we can take him EVERYWHERE with us! The handle is the BEST! It is very unique looking and we get lots of compliments. We are so grateful to have found your products and often recommend them to everyone who asks us about them.

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