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Mesh Harness


The mesh harness offers easy wear and ergonomic fit without restriction of auxiliary artery, nerves, or joints and comes in many colors to suit your preference. These are step-in harnesses which work with many different leashes. They are adjustable and available in many different sizes.

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Product Description

Our mesh harness products provide step-in convenience with adjustable ergonomic fit to allow for maximum mobility and comfort. They attach to any leash and work well with our Xtreme Junior leashes which allow the harness to be super functional. Does not hinder auxiliary artery, nerves or shoulder joint. Available in mesh fabric. Comparable to a jacket harness. See our comfort harnesses for other styles in other materials.

For small animals, these harnesses work well with your preference of bungee leash or, with larger animals, the security sport leash, not included.

Mesh Harness for Other Animals

The mesh harness is versatile. People have used them with rabbits and kangaroos as well as with dogs. If you have a photo of your unusual pet in one of our mesh harnesses, please contact us. Instead of a collar, try a harness.

Mesh Harness Features

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Dries fast
  • Washable
  • Comfortable for dog
  • Choice of colors:
    1. Black
    2. Blue
    3. Blue-Grey
    4. Blue-White
    5. Grey
    6. Pink
    7. Purple
    8. Red
    9. Red-White
  • Stylish
  • Easy to put on
  • Adjustable
  • Compared to collar, harness:
    • Is safer for pet
    • Is choke–free
    • Is more comfortable for pet
    • Is more secure, pet cannot pull out
    • Offers leash attachment above torso similar to no–pull harness
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Additional Information

Dog Size (lbs)

Teacup (<2 lbs), Small (2 – 5 lbs), Medium (6 – 10 lbs), Large (11 – 14 lbs), XLarge (15 – 18 lbs), XXLarge (19 – 25 lbs), 3XLarge (26 – 32 lbs), 4XLarge (33 – 42 lbs), 5XLarge (43 – 60 lbs)


Black, Blue, Blue-Grey, Blue-White, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Red-White


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