soft flying disc throwable dog toy
dog playing with soft frisbee style toy

Hyper Pet™ Flippy Flopper™


These throwable soft Frisbees® are specially made to be safe for your dog’s teeth. They are made of Grade A rubber and nylon. Throwing these with your pet promotes exercise and interaction–for both of you!

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Product Description

These soft flying discs are suitable to throw for your pet inside or outside. They are about 9″ in size. It is made to the same safety standards as childrens’s toys and floats. Soft rubber and nylon are safe for your dog’s mouth.

These are not Frisbees, but rather, are soft flying discs made of rubber and nylon which are thrown like the most famous flying disc of all time. Frisbee® is a registered trademark of the Wham-O Corporation.

Hyper Pet™ Flippy Flopper™ was last modified by Happy Tails

Additional Information


About 9″ in diameter


Pink, Yellow


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