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Doggles® Pentapulls®


The Doggles Pentapulls toys are sturdy dog toys because recycled 1680 denier nylon is smartly made into integral shapes that won’t pull apart as can toys with individually attached legs. Five squeakers inside! Choose from the fun animal styles below. Learn about what makes this a tough dog toy.

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Product Description

tough dog toy resists being torn apart
Pentapulls Tougher by Design

Pentapulls from Doggles are made of recycled materials in several animal styles for your dog’s pleasure. This tough toy is available in cow, duck, hedgehog, raccoon, skunk, snowman, squirrel and holiday squirrel variations. This toy has no stuffing but has five squeakers! Throw Pentapulls to your pet, or play some gentle tug–of–war.

The Toughest Dog Toy

This dog toy is tough thanks to thoughtful engineering and design. Tough material—ballistic 1680 denier nylon—is sewn into animal style variations with patented construction. Patent was granted for the manner of attachment of arms and legs. They are not individually sewn to the toy’s body, but rather, the toy is made with compound arm/leg limbs which better withstand whipping and tugging. Each Pentapulls compound limb is made from one continuous length of fabric. Eyes and other decorations are embroidered. Machine washable; air dry.

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Cow, Duck, Hedgehog, Holiday Squirrel, Raccoon, Skunk, Snowman, Squirrel


About 18″ x 2″ x 23″


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