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Doggles® Plush Bottle Toys


The Doggles Plush Bottle Toy is a cool way to recycle your water bottles. You already know your dog loves the crunch, crunchy sound your water bottle makes when he gets one. There’s more! Also has two squeakers inside. Stuff your empty water bottle inside this little critter and watch your dog have at it.

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Product Description

The Doggles Plush Bottle Toys are no longer called Bottle Critters but they provide the same fun and offer a way to benefit from your empty water bottles for your dog’s pleasure. Available in several animal styles. Choose from chicken, duck, groundhog, rabbit, raccoon, or skunk. You can also let your dog play with this without a water bottle stuffed inside. For ½ liter water bottles or bottles up to 20 oz. Velcro type (hook and loop) closure keeps bottle inside.

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Additional Information

Bottle Size

For bottles up to 20 oz. For reference, a ½ liter water bottle is about equal to 17 oz.

Bottle Cover

Chicken, Duck, Groundhog, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk


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