Critter Skinz™ have squeak but no stuffing
dog chew toy with squeaker and no stuffing

Hyper Pet™ Critter Skinz™


This dog toy has no stuffing for your dog to rip out; it is a stuffless toy. Choose from skunk, raccoon, or fox in medium or large sizes. The squeakers inside the head and tail will pique your dog’s attention when he chomps on them. Playing with this toy cleans your dog’s teeth. Materials and construction meet or exceed the safety standards for children’s toys.

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Product Description

Your dog will enjoy flipping and flopping, and shaking the heck out of this toy. Play with this toy will appeal to your dog’s predatory instinct. The head contains a small amount of stuffing to give the toy some shape as well as a squeaker to intrigue your pet.

No dog toy is indesctructible. This is not a tug or chew toy. Not meant to feed your dog; made of polyester fiber.

Hyper Pet™ Critter Skinz™ was last modified by Happy Tails

Additional Information

Critter Skinz

Fox, Raccoon, Skunk


Medium (14″), Large (18″)


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