two dog leash coupler
using coupler with leash to walk two dogs

Leash Couplers


leash colors
Leash colors

Join a leash coupler to your leash handle or leash and walk two dogs on one leash. Each coupler has a sturdy plated steel O-ring and two snap hooks. Choose from:

  • 31″ security coupler with 1″ hardware,
  • 31″ standard coupler with ¾″ hardware, or
  • 31″ standard coupler junior with ⅝″ hardware, for dogs under 20 pounds

in your choice of colors. All made in USA.


Product Description

We Also Have Complete Two Dog Leashes

The product for sale on this page is a leash coupler, a component of a two–dog leash system, not the entire thing itself. We also have ready–to–go coupler leashes. If you prefer to buy the complete package, as opposed to the roll–your–own approach, piecing together leash components, do take a look at the coupler leashes or the coupler bungee leashes.

Quality Built

Made in the USA of marine grade materials. Drag it through the mud, hose it off, and enjoy it for years!

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Additional Information


Security Coupler, Standard Coupler, Standard Coupler Jr


Black, Black-silver, Blue, Brazil, Camouflage, Green, Harley, Hunter Orange, Jamaican, Multi-colored, Pink, Pink-purple, Purple, Red


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