bungee dog leash stretch section

Bungee Leash Stretch Section


color options for bungee dog leash
Bungee leash color options

Additional elastic section for your bungee leash; choose from:

  • 40″ super coupler bungee stretch section,
  • 29″ super coupler bungee short stretch section, or
  • 40″ super coupler junior bungee stretch section
  • 28″ super coupler junior bungee short stretch section

The super coupler and super coupler short leash stretch sections have ¾″ snap hook steel hardware; the super coupler junior and super coupler junior bungee short stretch sections have ½″ snap hook fasteners. Made in USA.


Product Description

These stretch sections are available to extend or replace parts on your super coupler bungee leash, super coupler bungee short leash, super coupler junior bungee leash, or super coupler junior bungee short leash.

The stretch sections are made of high quality shock cord that allows the leash to stretch, available in choice of seven colors. Stretching makes the leashes more user-friendly and much less likely to cause injury to the dog and handler than a conventional fixed length leash.

For Bungee Leashes

These stretch sections are only for our bungee leashes, for smaller dogs under 20 pounds (our junior leash variations) up to 50 pounds weight. If you have a security leash, super coupler, or super coupler short leash, please choose from the appropriate leash stretch sections intended for your larger, stronger dog.

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Additional Information


Super Coupler Bungee Stretch Section (40″), Super Coupler Bungee Short Stretch Section (29″), Super Coupler Jr. Bungee Stretch Section (40″), Super Coupler Jr. Bungee Short Stretch Section (28″)


Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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