Leash Handle

We Offer Several Dog Leash Handles

Three varieties of dog leash handle are available. They come in a wide range of colors; each with water ski type handle. These leash handles are padded, comfortable, secure in hand. The link below leads you to all of them. The first two are:

  • Security leash handle with 1″ plated steel snap hook termination and
  • Super coupler leash handle with plated steel swiveling double–headed D-ring.

Those two leash handles come in the widest range of colors.

A third variety, a tactical leash handle, is available in only three colors: camo, black with reflective stripe, and black. The tactical leashes are terminated with a carabiner. The K9 tactical leash handle is primarily used by government, security, police, and defense. Click through to see and buy the leash handle you need.

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