The best dog leash on the market comes with strong hardware in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles to suit one dog or more dogs. Thoughtful design and marine grade materials make these the best dog leashes available! Dog leashes named Junior are small dog leashes for pets up to twenty pounds. Couplers, and coupler leashes, are multi–dog leashes which enable walking two dogs with one leash or leash handle. Bungee leashes provide stretch; try our bungee leashes for comfortable dog walking experiences with dogs up to fifty pounds.

The sport leash is a one–part handle and leash unit for dogs over twenty pounds, while the security leash is a two–part handle & leash section with modest stretch for confident control of even large dogs. The tactical leash is used by military, police, and security forces. It has no stretch. People have used our leashes for horses, rabbits, and even kangaroos! We don’t know about the kangaroos, but our fine leashes are made in the USA.

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