National Walk Your Dog Week

using coupler with leash to walk two dogs
Sport Leash & Standard Coupler

Happy Walk Your Dog Week!

Across the USA, from to .

If you have been needing inspiration, let this be the week to get outside, to take your dog for a walk and to play with your pet!

This event was founded by pet lifestyle expert & animal behaviorist Colleen Paige, as quoted at

With … people becoming sedentary and gaining weight due to a lack of exercise, dogs don't get the … [walking] … they need to stay physically and mentally healthy. …[T]he overpopulation of dogs in this country is hugely (sic) associated with our growing waistlines. …Having trained thousands of dogs in the last twenty years, …at least 75% of dogs in shelters are there due to a lack of exercise, which has thus resulted in serious behavior issues such as aggression, destruction and separation anxiety…Colleen Paige

We have lots of cool stuff for dog walking!

Ready, Set, Go!

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