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To buy a product, you add it to your shopping cart, you review your cart, then you checkout. In checkout, you supply shipping and billing addresses, phone and email, then you pay by means of our secure checkout page. This sequence of steps begins with adding a product to your cart. The add to cart process is slightly different for different types of products.

For a product which has no style, color, or size options, adding something to your cart can be as simple as clicking the Add to cart button for that product.


That click takes you straight to your Cart page, where you will find that product in your cart. From there, you can continue shopping, or you may proceed to Checkout.

Some products do not immediately present the Add to cart button. Such products have variations; until you choose between options, it is unclear which product you want. You will see that Add to cart button after you select a style, a size, a color, or even all of these options. This is the button displayed by products which have variations:


Here is an example of one product with variations, Doggles ILS Dog Goggles:

This product comes in several styles and sizes. Until you select which style and size you want, no Add to cart button appears. Clicking that Select options button takes you to that product’s page so you can select the options you want! Here is an example of what that page looks like:


Let’s say you want to buy these dog goggles. They’re cool! Which style would you like? You can click any of the photos on the page to review a larger image. From these styles available:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Flames
  • Green Camo
  • Leopard
  • Light Blue
  • Lilac
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Skull

let’s assume you pick the Flames style. Use the drop–down selection box to display the options, then click on Flames. Your selection is saved.


There is another choice to make, which is size. Down this particular item’s product page, in the product description tab (not shown here), the sizing table shows your pet needs medium size goggles. So you select Medium.


Only then, after you have selected between available style and size options, are you presented with the Add to cart button. It is the color accented button on the page. Notice the product photo has changed, too, to confirm which style you have selected. You can click that photo for a larger image.


You can choose to buy more than one Flames style medium sized doggles. If you want two, you just indicate that.


Finally, with style and size selected, and with the number of units set at the number you want, you can click on Add to cart. If you want one pair of Flames style goggles, and one pair of Green Camo style goggles, you would first add the Flames style goggles to your cart, then you would return to this product page and add the Green Camo goggles to your cart.

We appreciate your business! Feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help.

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