Cool Things for Dog Walking

We have lots of cool dog walking stuff! We have carefully selected the best dog leashes, dog backpacks, dog shoes and dog eyewear available for both city and country dog walks. We carry great dog flotation devices, such as dog life jackets and vests, for dog walking at the beach. Our dog apparel category includes:

Dog Harness Styles

Our comfortable dog harnesses come in many styles, from more functional to fancy. They are a great alternative to your pet’s collar, especially for dog walking. They do not unintentionally slip off, but remain secure, and remove strain from your pet’s delicate neck. If you have a strong willed dog who frequently pulls hard on the leash, do see our no pull dog harness which receives strongly positive reviews. All of these items are available in our online shop.

Dog Leash Styles

Though they come in several different styles, lengths, and colors, all of our leashes have the water ski type leash handle, padded with rounded edges, secure in hand and comfortable. Our sport leashes have bungee nested inside a portion of their length to dampen shock loading. The security sport leash has an extra snap coupler so the bungee section may be bypassed when ultimate control of your animal is required. Coupler leashes are two dog leashes which eliminate leash tangles when the dog on the left trades places with the dog on the right! Junior style leashes are lighter weight styles, for smaller, lighter animals.

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